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Frank Butler - United States
25 years TCCC - the story
Stacy Shackelford - United States
Saving Lives on the Battlefield 2020—Potentially Preventable Battlefield Deaths
panel discussion - Germany
11 years since the battle of Isa Khel Afghanistan - what did we learn?
Tim Hodgetts - United Kingdom
Enhancing public resilience to terrorism—the citizenAID initiative
Albert Marle -
Building a Battalion Level SOLO (Special Operations Low O titer) Whole Blood Donation Program in the European Area of Operations.
Craig Stockdale - NewZealand
Christchurch Attack - ambulance medical response -
David Richards - NewZealand
Christchurch Attack - medical response in the ER
James McKay - NewZealand
Christchurch Attack - surgical challenges
John Quinn - Czech Republic
TCCC and Remote Damage Control Resuscitation/Damage Control Surgery based on data from Ukraine
Andy Mawson - United Kingdom
Exploring the use the the Gravity Jet Suit in Remote Medical Provision
Stacy Webster - England
Killed in action (KIA): an analysis of military personnel who died of their injuries before reaching a definitive medical treatment facility in Afghanistan (2004– 2014)
Andreas Lamkowski - Germany
Early diagnosis training of radiation accident victims – how well does on-line training in comparison to on-site training – limits due to covid-19 pandemic
Erik N. Vu - Canada
Tranexamid acid i.m. in tactical situations
Richter, Christian - Germany
Contrast enhanced ultrasound in penetrating abdominal trauma: Description of typical findings in gunshot- and stab wounds.
Jacques Levraut - France
Terror Attack - Nice 14. July 2015
Pierre Pasquier - France
Ket S as battlefield Analgesia a review
Stephane Travers - France
Prolonged field care experience and data -  prehospital challenges during recent French military operations 
Florian Gebhard - Germany
TraumaBox - German Trauma Foundation
Jean-Charles de Schoutheete - Belgien
Critical skills in austere environment
Valentin Kuhlwilm - Germany
Use of Chest Seals in Treating sucking wounds
Nora Schorscher - Germany
Systematic literature research and definition of “lessons learned” from global terrorist attacks from 2000 to 2018
Ramey Wilson - United States
unconventional warfare and interoperability
Richard Hilsden - Canada
Junctional tourniquets
Zoltan Toth - Hungary
Clinical Aspects of Remote/Auster Damage Control Resuscitation (Advanced Resuscitative Care)
Katrin Bender - Germany
force health protection, a short Story of mice, men and microbes!
Uwe Wesemann - Germany
PTSB after battle
Jacopo Frassini - Italy
Care under Heat: Focused discussion on heat stress and performance of combat medics
Martin Lautwein - Germany
CAC - Health Protection during hostage in Syria
Mike Turconi - Italy
medical support for the battle of Mosul Iraq
Christoph Bozek-Leitgeb - Austria
terror attack Vienna - WEGA
Markus Isser - Austria
Rescue Blanket - a multitool
Andreas Lamkowski - Germany
Early diagnosis training of radiation accident victims – how well does on-line training in comparison to on-site training – limits due to covid-19 pandemic
Maximilian Schwan - Germany
Mindset - is the key for mission success
Claire Park - United Kingdom
How to stop the dying as well as the killing in a terrorist attack
Mike Shertz - United States
TECC Case report - bleeding control
Marius Merx - Germany
Penthrox for Law Enforcement
Geoff Shapiro and Babak Sarani - United States
Incidence and Cause of Potentially Preventable Death after Civilian Public Mass Shooting in the US
Carsten Dombrowski - Germany
Experiences as UN-military observer in the Sahara - TCCC und PFC
Thorsten Tröschütz, Marvin Schulz - Germany
Use of the rescue sling
Oskar Mahler - Germany
Wholeblood donation
Dennis Ritter - Germany
Triage - Basics, algorithms, usage
Chris Röhrich - Germany
improvised Tourniquets
Martin Lautwein - Germany
CAC - experiences of a hostage in Syria
AusbZSpezlOp Pfullendorf - Germany
MARCH Assessment
Christian Steinkohl - Germany
Treatment of eye Injuries
Markus Isser - Austria
Rescue blanket as multitool
Catharina Scheuermann-Poley - Germany
Nasopharyngeal tube - correct application
Marc-Michael Ventzke - Germany
Shoulder luxation - Instructions for reposition