14 Rebooking / Cancellation
29.March 2020

For paying participants there is the possibility to choose a cancellation. Please use your email-address and log in with your CMC-password. Rebooking / Cancellation

13 Workshops
28.February 2020

Description of the workshops is online in the program-category

12 workshop selection
28.February 2020

Workshops-Selection possible from 2020.03.01

11 sponsors, supporters and exhibitors
05.December 2019

Registered sponsors, supporters and exhibitors are already decorating the new industry logo page

10 The General Terms and Conditions
03.December 2019

The General Terms and Conditions from industry and sponsors in german is the area industry online.

9 Registration
30.November 2019

Registration starts on 01.December 2019. click here!

8 Workshop-Reservation from March
27.November 2019

Should you be interested in a workshop-visit on 1st July? Please note that the reservation of the workshops must be carried out separately on the CMC-Homepage. Email and password are required for !

7 Conference fee
09.November 2019

170.00 € VAT incl. participant (Officers, staff officers, physicians)
130.00 €, VAT incl. participant (enlisted, non-commissioned officers, warrant officers, EMT)

6 Flyer for download
08.September 2019

The flyer for the CMC 2020 is ready for download online.

3 Disclaimer
17.May 2019

At the moment we are working on the Disclaimer of this website.

2 Privacy
17.May 2019

We have prepared this statement to inform you of the privacy principles that govern this Web site.

1 Contact
15.May 2019

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