European Best Medic

The special award "European Best Medic" should honor european soldiers, - active or reserve -, or police officers, who were actively engaged in medical primary care on wounded patients during mission or under tactical terms. This award will be given during the evening event of the CMC Conference

Who can be nominated for the special award "European Best Medic"?
Every European soldier, active or reserve, and police officer who was actively engaged in providing medical treatment to wounded patients under mission / tactical terms.

Who can nominate?
Every Soldier, active or reserve, police officer or member of TREMA (Tactical Rescue and Emergency Medicine Association) can nominate a honorable comrade

How can I nominate?
During registration (registration to the CMC Conference) you will automatically asked to do this. Afterwards, the CMC office team will contact you. Or you can also use our contact-form and select "European Best Medic" as the recipient.